Anima Series: Nature Photography and Originals 10

You always have to give credit when it’s due. One reason this one has been so difficult is I’m not the type of person that views people as being with many redeeming qualities; to talk to a friend somewhat joking that there’s a project I wanted to work on, doing rough sketches and she, not only participates in support, but physically contributes by giving close to 50 nude photographs that started the series. (Very few were kept, by few it would mean few). 

So, she gets a lot of retreatments attempting to get them right. Not a lot of people would put faith and confidence in a person to, not only look at the pictures, but everything else involved. 

The latest series is over, it’s limited by the actual season. I prefer these to be late fall early winter due to pallets available. For me, it’s more like death/rebirth. Once things start to be “reborn”, it ends. It may be the end of it entirely. 

But, give credit where it’s due. 


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