Anima Series Description 

When I initially discuss the Anima project with anyone, I often describe it and show them this piece (though, I describe it in a blurt way to get the person defensive). The response is always the same; “wow, that’s not what I expected. It’s actually very tasteful.”

I then joke: “pun intended?”
However, the designs and pieces are exactly what they say they are, the intent is never hidden. The Anima is the soul of man, it can be creative or destructive. Either way, it’s the driving force. It can create peace or be total annihilation of self and the external world. 

These pieces were done initials as a full improvisation using anything I could get ahold of but based on female friends who would include me in a sexual self discovery phase of their lives. Others were sent as seduction (which didn’t work; that’s part of what made the project exist.) and were later used as foundations. 

Again, it’s a tribute to my own “anima” from a dream, the end of years of a long series of “visions” of the apocalypse. They are tasteful due to being respectful, I often work on these to get through stressful periods of my life.

The above piece is a good example, the anima is a mans soul. It’s entirely too easy to look at the world and hate it, to be filled with disgust. The anima can teach you how to understand the world to learn to unconditionally love it and its inhabitants. In this one, the thing that stands out to me is that she’s using nature itself as body armor. In the first series you’d see a theme of an anima being destroyed by its surroundings but (later) being remade. These seem to follow a theme of being physically made, then nature providing said armor. Very odd, yet, unintentional. 

The more sexual ones can be viewed differently. I joke that it is symbolic of seasons. But it likely, truly, represents the self archetype. The ego sets to create the earth in HIS image, the self loves and supports things as they are naturally and nurtures that growth. The viewer can decide the context on their own and find where they are in life. 
As with faith versus reason, emotion versus logic; we are both physical creatures that are biological. Predictable. Yet, we are mostly fueled by our emotions which makes us unpredictable as a whole. We can’t condition every person on earth to have the exact same cognitive associations. 

As with some, a close friend says she preferred the older versions of the project stating she preferred it when things were more hidden or more emphasis was placed on the environment. I can only respond that they are what they always were. There is less symmetry, which is part of the point. Others may like symmetrical images but this is what the brain is attracted to and respond more favorably. Wouldn’t a developed anima/animus say things are the opposite of what they appear to be? The context is up to the individual. Always has been, always will be. 

So, of course you’ll have a more gigeresque image in some which may have a similar theme. 
Some may prefer one

Another may prefer another 

Or less

Less being more


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